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We Care - We're a Family

Our arms are wide open to you.

All that we do is because we believe that there is a God who loves humans,

who wants to be known,who desires for us to experience life to the full

as part of His family.

Grace and Truth

Truth. Honesty. Authenticity. Vulnerability

These values guide us through life accurately.

Without grace though truth is not safe. It can be used as a brutal weapon.

Grace. Kindness. Forgiveness

The values guide us through life safely.

Hand in hand, grace and truth safely and accurately guide us through life.

Compassion and Justice

We value life.

We long to see all people treated with dignity.

We welcome and seek to show practical care to those who are

vulnerable, marginalised and hurting



We choose to live with hope.

Our eyes are open to the devastation and destruction

of our planet, communities, families, marriages, and lives.


We believe God has not surrendered His authority.

He is not taken by surprise when life turns upside down.

God is with us, sustaining and empowering.

He has a future prepared for us.


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