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We believe in a God who is worthy of all the praise and all the worship that we can give - and even more!

Through Communion we are reminded of the priceless gift of life we have received through the loving sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.


Through sermons and messages from God’s word

we are taught and discipled,

and when we are open to the Holy Spirit’s prompting,

our lives are transformed by the renewing of our minds.


Music is the language of the soul,

and we love the way music can bring us together

as we express our praises and thankfulness to our Father, and we are reminded of His

greatness and His unfailing love.


Through giving financially we declare that

God is our provider, we trust Him with all that we have,

and we want to invest in what He is doing here in Withcott.


As we gather around a coffee or a cup of tea,

without planned or hidden agendas,

we find ourselves loved, and are challenged

and encouraged by one another

to live as children of God,

and to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness.

We encourage you to join us in person,

as often as you are able.

All of our services are available online

for those times you can't physically get there.

Please check out our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel  

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